Glen Sturevant Advocates for School Choice at the General Assembly - Glen Sturtevant

Glen Sturevant Advocates for School Choice at the General Assembly


As a concerned parent, Glen got involved in his local schools to make them better.  He eventually ran for School Board on an education reform agenda and was overwhelmingly elected by the voters.  On the School Board, Glen has focused on commonsense reforms to our education system, including making sure taxpayer dollars are spent in the classroom instead of on bureaucracy, increased transparency in spending, zero-based budgeting, and eliminating waste and abuse.


Glen is a supporter of school choice reforms, because every child deserves an education that provides the best opportunity for success.  Education is not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why when given the opportunity to speak in favor of school choice legislation, Glen was proud to lend his voice.  As Senator, Glen will continue to support reforms that give all children the opportunity to succeed.

On Thursday morning, Glen testified in support of HB2238, which creates the Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts.

The legislation will empower parents of students with special needs to send their kids to the best schools possible.  

In the Senate, Glen will continue to be a voice for reforming our education system and providing the best possible education and more opportunity to our children and students.

HB2238 has now been approved by the full House of Delegates and the Senate Education and Health committee.  The Senate Finance committee will consider the legislation on Monday morning at 10:30am, where they will hopefully send the legislation to the full Senate and on to the governor.  Click the link below to let Glen know that you also support school choice education reforms.

Click here to voice your support of School Choice Reform