In Honor and Remembrance of 9/11 - Glen Sturtevant

In Honor and Remembrance of 9/11

Dear Friends --

I am writing today in honor and remembrance of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and the brave and courageous Americans who sacrificed in service to our country.

On this 17th anniversary, we remember and give thanks for all those who served, the fire fighters, police, and EMTs that rushed into harm's way, the passengers who gave their lives on Flight 93, those who worked tirelessly to help the victims and their families, and those in our community who rose up to support all those in need following the attacks.

In the aftermath, we found unity in each other. The American spirit and resolve shone brightly. We came together as a country, stronger and more resilient than ever, in a bond as neighbors, friends, family - as Americans.

Let us never forget the unity, the spirit of service and sacrifice, and the impact of simple kindness that spread throughout America following 9/11.  Let’s continue to renew our efforts as fellow Americans to find and focus on those important things that bring us together and unify us.

Today, as we are all going about our day - preparing for Hurricane Florence's landfall, picking up our kids from school, getting tasks completed at work - I hope that we will all take a few minutes to remember the great loss of 9/11, the great sacrifice, and the great response.