Great News! I am the Republican Nominee for State Senate in the 10th District! - Glen Sturtevant

Great News! I am the Republican Nominee for State Senate in the 10th District!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to pass on some great news. Thanks to the hard work and effort of friends like you, I was honored yesterday to become the Republican candidate for State Senate in the 10th District!

Lori and I were humbled by the incredible support offered by so many of you these last few weeks, and the trust that you have placed in me and our campaign. I promise you this: I will work hard around the clock to win this incredibly important election in November. You’ve given me a tremendous responsibility: I’m ready for the campaign, and I’m ready to go to the General Assembly to get positive things accomplished for the people of Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Richmond.


I truly believe opportunity is the pathway to a stronger Virginia. That’s exactly why I ran for School Board. I ran to help make our schools safer and more dynamic; places where all children, from all communities, can learn and thrive. I ran to make schools more fiscally responsible so we spend taxpayer dollars where they will be most effective: in the classroom. And I ran because I believe parents, students and teachers deserve greater choices in our public education system. Now I want to continue to fight for education reform in the State Senate.

And I will fight to promote private sector job creation. Let’s help people get back to work. Virginians are hurting in this economy, which has been sluggish for years, and it is time to put in place common sense policies to turn things around. As your Senator, my focus every day will be to meet our challenges with solutions that grow our economy and create opportunity in Virginia. Let’s reduce the tax burden and make it easier for families to save and businesses to grow. I’ll support a strong free-market where all businesses can thrive and create good-paying jobs, and I’ll lower the tax burden so you keep more of what you earn. And I’ll push to make government more efficient, transparent, and accountable to its owners: you.

These common sense conservative principles will make our Commonwealth stronger, with more opportunity and jobs all across Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Richmond.

I am honored to be the Republican candidate for State Senate in the 10th District. I’m going to work hard to win this election from now through November. I hope you’ll join our campaign, and support our effort. Together, we will win this race.

Thank you,


Glen Sturtevant