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VFBF AgPAC endorses Glen with support of local farmers

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Sturtevant Endorsed by VA Farm Bureau Federation for Virginia Senate


CHESTERFIELD, VA - Virginia Farm Bureau Federation's (VFBF) AgPAC, the organization's political action committee, has endorsed Glen Sturtevant in the race for Virginia's 10th District Senate seat. Sturtevant values and understands the importance of agriculture to growing our overall economy in Virginia.

Speaking about the endorsement, Sturtevant said, "I am honored to receive the Virginia Farm Bureau's endorsement. Agriculture and forestry is Virginia's largest industry, with billions in total economic impact and more than 400,000 jobs across the Commonwealth." Sturtevant continued, "In the Senate, my focus will be supporting policies that foster economic growth in Virginia, including in the Agriculture industry. We have had four years of GDP growth below one percent in Virginia, including zero percent GDP growth last year, and I know we can do a lot better."

Endorsements by VFBF are based on the recommendation of local committees and farmers. The 10th District is home to over 200 farms encompassing more than 30,000 acres of farm land. Wayne F. Pryor, chairman of the VFBF AgPAC and president of the Virginia Farm Bureau said, "We believe the endorsed candidates will help agriculture and forestry maintain its vitality as the No. 1 industry in Virginia."

The VFBF AgPAC is a non-partisan political action committee, created by the Farm Bureau in 1999, that employs in-kind contributions and endorsements to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues. You can find the full list of endorsements by clicking here.



Glen Sturtevant Raises Over $100,000 in First Quarter


Republican Candidate in 10th District Building Strong Momentum


Chesterfield -- Glen Sturtevant, the Republican candidate for State Senate in Virginia’s 10th district, announced today that his campaign raised more than $100,000 in the first quarter of 2015. This strong fundraising report for Sturtevant, who is a member of the Richmond School Board, follows his recent announcements of numerous endorsements by Republicans and Independents from across the district.

Just two months after he announced his candidacy, the Republican Party has unified behind Sturtevant, establishing him as the GOP candidate in what will be one of the most closely watched races in the Commonwealth of Virginia this fall.

Speaking about the report, Sturtevant said, “I continue to be humbled by the incredible response our campaign is receiving from all across the 10th Senate district. The people of Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Richmond are ready for a new generation of conservative leadership that will move Virginia forward by growing our economy, reforming our state government and strengthening our education system. In the months ahead I look forward to continuing to meet with voters in the district, sharing our positive vision for the future, and focusing on how to build a stronger commonwealth for all Virginians.”

Glen's campaign is off to a great start, but we need your help to keep the momentum going!  If you can make a contribution today, please click the link below and you can conveniently donate online!


GOP turns to Glen Sturtevant to run for critical Senate seat

Chesterfield Observer
By Jim McConnell


Less than three years after he was elected to the Richmond School Board, Glen Sturtevant is making a run for the General Assembly. 

Sturtevant, a 32-year-old attorney and father of three, is the Republican Party nominee for Virginia Senate in the 10th District.  As such, he's also a key figure in the GOP's effort to maintain control of the state legislature and prevent Gov. Terry McAuliffe from expanding Medicaid to thousands of uninsured Virginians.

That's a big responsibility for a man of his youth, but Sturtevant insisted that he's up for the challenge. 

"I think a lot of people want to see a new generation of leaders step forward," he said during an interview last week.  

Visit the Chesterfield Observer to read the full story:

Great News! I am the Republican Nominee for State Senate in the 10th District!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to pass on some great news. Thanks to the hard work and effort of friends like you, I was honored yesterday to become the Republican candidate for State Senate in the 10th District!

Lori and I were humbled by the incredible support offered by so many of you these last few weeks, and the trust that you have placed in me and our campaign. I promise you this: I will work hard around the clock to win this incredibly important election in November. You’ve given me a tremendous responsibility: I’m ready for the campaign, and I’m ready to go to the General Assembly to get positive things accomplished for the people of Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Richmond.


I truly believe opportunity is the pathway to a stronger Virginia. That’s exactly why I ran for School Board. I ran to help make our schools safer and more dynamic; places where all children, from all communities, can learn and thrive. I ran to make schools more fiscally responsible so we spend taxpayer dollars where they will be most effective: in the classroom. And I ran because I believe parents, students and teachers deserve greater choices in our public education system. Now I want to continue to fight for education reform in the State Senate.

And I will fight to promote private sector job creation. Let’s help people get back to work. Virginians are hurting in this economy, which has been sluggish for years, and it is time to put in place common sense policies to turn things around. As your Senator, my focus every day will be to meet our challenges with solutions that grow our economy and create opportunity in Virginia. Let’s reduce the tax burden and make it easier for families to save and businesses to grow. I’ll support a strong free-market where all businesses can thrive and create good-paying jobs, and I’ll lower the tax burden so you keep more of what you earn. And I’ll push to make government more efficient, transparent, and accountable to its owners: you.

These common sense conservative principles will make our Commonwealth stronger, with more opportunity and jobs all across Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Richmond.

I am honored to be the Republican candidate for State Senate in the 10th District. I’m going to work hard to win this election from now through November. I hope you’ll join our campaign, and support our effort. Together, we will win this race.

Thank you,


Glen Sturtevant


Delegate Lee Ware Endorses Sturtevant for Senate

Delegate Ware Has Represented Portions of Powhatan and Chesterfield Counties Since 1998

***He is the First General Assembly Member to Endorse, and the 10th Elected Official to Endorse Sturtevant***

 -- Delegate Lee Ware, who has represented the 65th District in the House of Delegates since 1998, announced today his endorsement of Glen Sturtevant for Virginia State Senate in the 10th District.  Delegate Ware is serving his 9th term in the General Assembly and has risen as a leader in the Republican Party and House of Delegates.  He is currently on four major House committees, including serving as Chairman of the House Finance Committee.  The 65th district includes a large portion of the 10th Senate district, including all of Powhatan County and most of Midlothian in Chesterfield.  

Lee Ware"The need to secure a worthy successor to Senator John Watkins for the 10th District seat in the State Senate is rightly one of the highest priorities for Republicans across the Commonwealth this year," said Delegate Lee Ware. "Fortunately, in Glen Sturtevant, we have just the candidate to carry our standard in November.   Meantime, we need to emerge from the primary elections with our ranks unified and with a candidate of clear convictions and broad appeal to voters in a district that consists of not only Powhatan but a swath of Chesterfield and several precincts in Richmond. Rarely do I make endorsements in primary contests. An exception is Glen Sturtevant, whose candidacy I am pleased to endorse and to recommend to my fellow Republicans. Truly, in keeping with his campaign thrust, Glen offers us the opportunity of rallying "a new generation of conservative leadership" within the State Senate. I tip my hat to the other good men seeking our nomination, and thank them for stepping forward. That Glen Sturtevant, with a proven record of leadership on the Richmond School Board, with a clarion call to sound principles of governance, and with an appeal that can attract many voters beyond our own party, is the candidate best able to win at the polls in November makes him an early and enthusiastic endorsement from me."

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