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Statement of Richmond Area Public Safety Leaders on Michael Bloomberg Ad In Virginia 10th District Senate Race

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Campaign Manager
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Statement of Richmond Area Public Safety Leaders on Michael Bloomberg Ad In Virginia 10th District Senate Race

“Those of us who have served in public safety, and live here, know the truth about Glen’s record, his character and his unwavering commitment to keeping Virginia families safe.”

CHESTERFIELD- A number of Richmond-area public safety leaders issued the following statement tonight regarding a new television ad from a group created by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that says: “He’ll (Glen Sturtevant) make Virginia families less safe.”

“All of us have served the Commonwealth in public safety positions. We are all dedicated to keeping Virginia families and communities safe. That is why we are so offended by this new attack ad from billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Glen Sturtevant is the father of three beautiful little children, all under the age of five. He is committed to ensuring they grow up in a Commonwealth where they, and all children, will be happy and secure. As a School Board member he has worked tirelessly to help improve Richmond’s public schools. He also has family members who have been personally touched by some of the most tragic shootings in our recent history. 

Glen cares about the people of the 10th District. He’s running to make our entire Commonwealth safer and stronger. He’s a friend of law enforcement and our brave men and women in uniform.  That’s why all of us, who live here in the Richmond area unlike Mayor Bloomberg, have endorsed Glen for State Senate. 

Shame on Mayor Bloomberg for spending his money trying to mislead the residents of Chesterfield, Richmond and Powhatan. Mayor Bloomberg is wrong. Those of us who have served in public safety and live here know the truth about Glen’s record, his character and his unwavering commitment to keeping Virginia families safe.”

Jerry Kilgore
Former Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Former Secretary of Public Safety of the Commonwealth of Virginia 

Sheriff Karl Leonard
Sheriff of Chesterfield County 

Sheriff Greg Neal
Sheriff of Powhatan County

Billy Davenport
Commonwealth's Attorney, Chesterfield County

Richard "Dickie" Cox
Commonwealth's Attorney, Powhatan County

John Childrey
Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, Chesterfield County



At 10th District Forum, Dan Gecker Opposes Domestic Energy Production Crucial to Job Creation in Virginia

For Immediate Release
Contact: Matt Brown
Campaign Manager
(804) 601-4046

At 10th District Forum, Dan Gecker Opposes Domestic Energy Production Crucial to Job Creation in Virginia

Gecker Breaks with Governor in Opposing Natural Gas Development that McAuliffe has Called a “Game Changer” for Virginia Economy

Also at Odds with Democratic Senators Warner and Kaine in Standing Against Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development that Could Mean Thousands of Jobs in Commonwealth; Billions in Economic Activity

Sturtevant: “Virginians need good paying jobs and affordable energy. The two go hand in hand. It is incredibly disappointing to see my opponent go so far to the extreme left when our economy is still in a period of recovery. We need economic growth and opportunity in the 10th District, and that is why I strongly support greater domestic energy production.”

***Ironically, Gecker Then Took Credit for Bringing Project to Chesterfield that is Dependent Upon Natural Gas Distribution He Said He Opposes***

 - Democratic State Senate nominee Dan Gecker broke with the leaders of his own Party last night in strongly opposing domestic energy production and distribution efforts crucial to Virginia’s future economic growth. At the 10th District Town Hall sponsored by Virginia 21, Gecker said he is opposed to the natural gas production and development that Governor Terry McAuliffe has championed as a "game changer" for Virginia's economy. Gecker also noted he also opposes offshore oil exploration and development in Virginia that is backed by Governor McAuliffe, Senator Kaine and Senator Warner. Collectively, these energy projects have been estimated to mean billions in revenue for Virginia, thousands of jobs, and keep energy costs low for our community.

In a moment of unintended irony, during the same forum in which he strongly opposed the development and distribution of domestic energy resources, Dan Gecker tried to take credit for bringing Shandong Tranlin Paper Co. to Chesterfield, which Governor McAuliffe said was directly related to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the availability of natural gas. In an article by the Washington Post about the project, Governor McAuliffe said, “This pipeline will now give us very cheap gas... Southside, Southwest Virginia — they’ve lost coal, textile, furniture, tobacco. Great, hard–working folks, great workforce. But in order to bring those businesses to Virginia and away from China, which we have done, is through cheap energy.” McAuliffe continued noting, "The only reason I'm in the game moving these companies to Virginia is because of this pipeline." 

Speaking about Dan Gecker’s leftward lurch, Glen Sturtevant remarked, "In the Virginia Senate, I will be committed to supporting common sense energy policies that will grow our Virginia economy and create good paying jobs in the 10th District. Last year, Virginia saw zero percent growth in GDP, and over the past four years, we've had less than one percent annual growth. Virginians cannot afford to limit our economic opportunity by following the kind of radical policies that my opponent advocates. Dan Gecker’s energy policy would drive up electricity costs, reduce energy reliability, and cost Virginia thousands of jobs. I’m incredibly disappointed that in this economy anyone running for the State Senate would put forward such out of touch and potentially economically devastating ideas. We need more affordable energy and more jobs, and I’m committed to supporting policies that make that happen.”

A video of Glen Sturtevant’s question to Mr. Gecker, and Mr. Gecker’s response, can be viewed by clicking here.



Check out our newest ad, "I Trust Glen Sturtevant"

Dear Friends,

Our campaign is excited to release our newest ad that sets the record straight about the false attacks against Glen by our opponent. In the Virginia Senate, Glen is committed to strengthening our education system, keeping taxes low, and growing our economy to bring more, good jobs to our community. In fact, PolitiFact rated Gecker's attacks against Glen's record on the School Board as "false and misleading." 


Please watch our newest ad by clicking here, and consider sharing it with your family, friends, and neighbors. With only 17 days left until the Election, our campaign is diligently working to spread Glen's positive, pro-economic growth message to voters across the district. By sharing this ad on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter, you will help us further our outreach goals and motivate more people in your social network to vote in this year's election!

Thank you for continuing to support Glen's campaign. 

Best Regards,

Matt Brown


Watch Our New Ad - "Important to Us"

Dear Friends,

By now, you have probably seen Dan Gecker's false attack on my education record. 

Monday, Politifact corrected the record in the Times-Dispatch, and explained why Gecker's attack is both "false and misleading." I hope you will share it with your friends and family so that voters can hear the truth about Dan Gecker's false attack. 

Over the past few years, Lori and I have worked hard with so many good and honest people to try to fix our schools, support our teachers with pay raises, and put more of our funding in the classroom instead of into bureaucracy. Education is important to Lori and me. She is a 1st grade teacher, I am on the School Board, and our oldest son just started Kindergarten in our local public school. That’s what makes these recent attacks by my opponent so incredibly disappointing.

But don’t worry, we aren’t taking these false attacks sitting down.

Today, we are rolling out a new television ad that explains to voters that Dan Gecker's attack on my record is plainly false and misleading. And voters don’t have to take our word for it: the objective outsider observers at Politifact were unequivocal in their ruling: Gecker’s claims are FALSE.

The new ad also reminds voters that in the State Senate, I will continue working to increase teacher pay and focus more funding in the classroom where students are learning, because every child should get the world-class education they deserve. Click here to watch our new ad, and I hope you will share it with your friends and family to help us correct the record about Dan Gecker's dishonest attacks. Frankly, voters in Richmond, Chesterfield and Powhatan, deserve far better than these false attacks.

Best Regards,



Alex McMurtrie, Jr. Endorses Glen Sturtevant

For Immediate Release
Contact: Matt Brown
Campaign Manager
(804) 601-4046

Democrat Alex McMurtrie, Jr. Endorses Glen Sturtevant for State Senate

McMurtrie Served as Democratic Member of Virginia House of Delegates For 10 Years
McMurtrie: “When I ran for office, I promised I would put education above partisan politics because it is the most important issue affecting our children and grandchildren. After reviewing all of the candidates' positions, I have concluded that Glen Sturtevant is clearly the best candidate on education.”

CHESTERFIELD- Alex McMurtrie, Jr, who served as a Democratic member of the House of Delegates and represented all of Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights in the Virginia General Assembly for ten years, has endorsed Republican State Senate nominee Glen Sturtevant in the 10th District.

Speaking about his endorsement of Sturtevant, McMurtrie noted, “When I ran for office, I promised I would put education above partisan politics because it is the most important issue affecting our children and grandchildren. After reviewing all of the candidates' positions, I have concluded that Glen Sturtevant is clearly the best candidate on education. We need to do far more to support public education in Virginia and for that reason we need pro-education legislators in Richmond who truly believe and understand that. Where a candidate stands on the education of Virginia’s schoolchildren matters far more to me than his or her partisan affiliation. Glen Sturtevant is by far the best candidate for education in this race, and I’m proud to support him for the State Senate.”

McMurtrie, a member of the Board of Visitors at Virginia Commonwealth University and a longtime lawyer in Chesterfield, further stated, “I’ve gotten to know Glen very well over the past few months. His time on the Richmond City School Board has given him a deep understanding of the challenges our local school systems are facing, and how state government can best help them prepare their students for the global economy. But Glen also gets this as a father, and as the husband of a schoolteacher. He lives the issue everyday in both his professional and personal capacities. That kind of background is exactly what we need in our next state senator. Glen is ready to lead the 10th District, and I know he will be a common sense legislator who will always put the people of Chesterfield, Richmond and Powhatan ahead of partisan politics.”

Glen Sturtevant remarked, “It’s an honor to have the endorsement of such a respected leader like Alex McMurtrie. Alex and I agree that we have got to do a better job ensuring that Virginia schools are second to none, and our students get a world-class education, no matter where they call home. This shared commitment to education transcends party labels. It’s about the future of our Commonwealth and the basic right every parent has to know that their child is getting the very best education they can possibly receive. I look forward to being a leader for parents, teachers and students in the General Assembly, and I thank Alex for this tremendous vote of confidence.”

Alex McMurtrie, Jr. joins a growing group of organizations and officials from all across the 10th District who have endorsed Glen’s campaign. A full list of endorsements are below.

About Alex McMurtrie, Jr.

Alex McMurtrie, Jr. served as a Democratic member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1971-1981, representing all of Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University Law School, McMurtrie has a long and distinguished history of public service in the Commonwealth, serving in a number of appointed capacities for multiple gubernatorial administrations. He served on the State Board of Corrections during the Wilder Administration. He has served on the Board of Visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University during both the McDonnell and McAuliffe Administrations. He is also a current member of the Board of Trustees at Georgetown Law School, the Board of Visitors of the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, the President’s Circle at the University of Notre Dame, and the academic and athletic boards of the University of Notre Dame.

About Glen Sturtevant

Glen Sturtevant was elected to the Richmond City School Board in 2012. While on the School Board, Glen has led the efforts to audit every department of Richmond Public Schools and similarly to support the online posting of the school system’s check register so that taxpayers can see exactly where their dollars are spent. Glen was the driving force behind moving Richmond Public Schools to a zero-based budget. Just like the private sector, Glen believes that the educational system should justify how taxpayer dollars are spent to ensure they are directed to the classroom, and not an ever-expanding bureaucracy.

He is a practicing attorney, and has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by his peers and was honored with the Virginia State Bar Service Award. Glen has undertaken efforts to provide pro bono legal services to survivors of natural disasters and mass emergencies across the Commonwealth.

Glen is a product of Virginia’s public schools, and received his undergraduate degree from Catholic University and his law degree from George Mason University. Glen has been married to Lori, a school teacher, for more than a decade and they have three children: Ethan (5), Reed (3), and Emily (2).

To learn more about Glen and his campaign please visit:


Senator John Watkins
Delegate Manoli Loupassi
Delegate Roxann Robinson
Delegate Lee Ware
Chesterfield's Commonwealth's Attorney William "Billy" Davenport
Chesterfield Sheriff Karl Leonard
Powhatan Sheriff Gregory Neal
Chesterfield's Clerk of the Court Wendy Hughes
Chesterfield's Treasurer Richard Cordle
Chesterfield's Commissioner of the Revenue Joseph Horbal
Former Delegate Alex McMurtrie, Jr.
Retired Powhatan Sheriff Nelson Batterson
Retired Chesterfield Sheriff Clarence G. Williams Jr. 
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
The Virginia Farm Bureau's AgPAC