At 10th District Forum, Dan Gecker Opposes Domestic Energy Production Crucial to Job Creation in Virginia - Glen Sturtevant

At 10th District Forum, Dan Gecker Opposes Domestic Energy Production Crucial to Job Creation in Virginia

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At 10th District Forum, Dan Gecker Opposes Domestic Energy Production Crucial to Job Creation in Virginia

Gecker Breaks with Governor in Opposing Natural Gas Development that McAuliffe has Called a “Game Changer” for Virginia Economy

Also at Odds with Democratic Senators Warner and Kaine in Standing Against Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development that Could Mean Thousands of Jobs in Commonwealth; Billions in Economic Activity

Sturtevant: “Virginians need good paying jobs and affordable energy. The two go hand in hand. It is incredibly disappointing to see my opponent go so far to the extreme left when our economy is still in a period of recovery. We need economic growth and opportunity in the 10th District, and that is why I strongly support greater domestic energy production.”

***Ironically, Gecker Then Took Credit for Bringing Project to Chesterfield that is Dependent Upon Natural Gas Distribution He Said He Opposes***

 - Democratic State Senate nominee Dan Gecker broke with the leaders of his own Party last night in strongly opposing domestic energy production and distribution efforts crucial to Virginia’s future economic growth. At the 10th District Town Hall sponsored by Virginia 21, Gecker said he is opposed to the natural gas production and development that Governor Terry McAuliffe has championed as a "game changer" for Virginia's economy. Gecker also noted he also opposes offshore oil exploration and development in Virginia that is backed by Governor McAuliffe, Senator Kaine and Senator Warner. Collectively, these energy projects have been estimated to mean billions in revenue for Virginia, thousands of jobs, and keep energy costs low for our community.

In a moment of unintended irony, during the same forum in which he strongly opposed the development and distribution of domestic energy resources, Dan Gecker tried to take credit for bringing Shandong Tranlin Paper Co. to Chesterfield, which Governor McAuliffe said was directly related to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the availability of natural gas. In an article by the Washington Post about the project, Governor McAuliffe said, “This pipeline will now give us very cheap gas... Southside, Southwest Virginia — they’ve lost coal, textile, furniture, tobacco. Great, hard–working folks, great workforce. But in order to bring those businesses to Virginia and away from China, which we have done, is through cheap energy.” McAuliffe continued noting, "The only reason I'm in the game moving these companies to Virginia is because of this pipeline." 

Speaking about Dan Gecker’s leftward lurch, Glen Sturtevant remarked, "In the Virginia Senate, I will be committed to supporting common sense energy policies that will grow our Virginia economy and create good paying jobs in the 10th District. Last year, Virginia saw zero percent growth in GDP, and over the past four years, we've had less than one percent annual growth. Virginians cannot afford to limit our economic opportunity by following the kind of radical policies that my opponent advocates. Dan Gecker’s energy policy would drive up electricity costs, reduce energy reliability, and cost Virginia thousands of jobs. I’m incredibly disappointed that in this economy anyone running for the State Senate would put forward such out of touch and potentially economically devastating ideas. We need more affordable energy and more jobs, and I’m committed to supporting policies that make that happen.”

A video of Glen Sturtevant’s question to Mr. Gecker, and Mr. Gecker’s response, can be viewed by clicking here.