"I Trust Glen Sturtevant" - Glen Sturtevant

Check out our newest ad, "I Trust Glen Sturtevant"

Dear Friends,

Our campaign is excited to release our newest ad that sets the record straight about the false attacks against Glen by our opponent. In the Virginia Senate, Glen is committed to strengthening our education system, keeping taxes low, and growing our economy to bring more, good jobs to our community. In fact, PolitiFact rated Gecker's attacks against Glen's record on the School Board as "false and misleading." 


Please watch our newest ad by clicking here, and consider sharing it with your family, friends, and neighbors. With only 17 days left until the Election, our campaign is diligently working to spread Glen's positive, pro-economic growth message to voters across the district. By sharing this ad on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter, you will help us further our outreach goals and motivate more people in your social network to vote in this year's election!

Thank you for continuing to support Glen's campaign. 

Best Regards,

Matt Brown